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PAXAus2016 Cosplay photos

On the first weekend of November 2016, PAXAus2016 — Australia’s PAX gaming expo — took over the Melbourne Convention Centre, featuring games, cosplay and panels galore. This is the biggest, best, most disability- and diversity-friendly expo in Australia. PAXAus takes over the entirety of Jeff’s Shed, not just a portion of the massive building, AND features panels and a concert scattered around THREE FLOORS in the more upmarket convention hall next door.

To view this photo gallery click on any photo to enter, use arrow keys or swipe to move between photos, escape to exit.

The photo gallery features incredible miniature models, the handheld lounge in the foyer, panels and loads of cosplayers. We even have dancing dinosaurs and a couple of photos of me because lovely people insisted on taking photos of me draped over a pokeball and trying to wrench Link’s Master Sword from the stone.

I have loads of video footage including a few interviews and some panels that will be going up over the next month or so, so subscribe to receive email notifications (in the right hand column) if you don’t want to miss out.

PAXAus is so fantabulous I’m disappointed my minion hasn’t already booked next year’s accommodation. I’m working on him. 😉 More soon, keep tabs!

If you comment on individual photos to identify cosplayer and character, I’ll tag them. I’ll even link to your cosplay page if you send the info. I love the cosplays!

Cosplay dancing Sailor Moon dinosaurs. Who's your favourite Sailor Moon character?

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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