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ABC News reports on Oz ComicCon in Melbourne here, mentioning the length of the queue and lack of door sales as well as elusiveness of stars like Patrick Stewart.  Some costumes are included.  The reporting is somewhat patronising: the reporter clearly is not ‘one of us’, but I’ve seen worse reporting.

Sky news said that people started queuing at 4am on Saturday morning for Oz ComicCon.

Oz ComicCon queue
Oz ComicCon queue

The Herald Sun lead with the headline ‘Queue not funny for Oz ComicCon fans’.  Apparently doors closed at 10am due to safety limits, leaving people who pre-purchased tickets queuing for hours.

According to ComicCon organisers, everyone who pre-purchased tickets got in.

I’ve seen people on social media saying that the queue grew to about a couple of kilometres long and people who arrived at 8:30 said they didn’t get in until noon although they had tickets. Others complained on social media that they were in the queue while they should have been getting pre-purchased photos or autographs.

Oz ComicCon has communicated to patrons via facebook and twitter, but people who’ve complained about various issues have also complained that they’ve been banned from the official facebook page.

Some of my friends were really happy, getting their photos and attending the panels that were really important to them.

UPDATE:  a ComicCon goer witnessed people purchasing day tickets and entering while VIP ticket holders were forced to wait outside.  This convention report likens Oz ComicCon to the zerg rush in Starship Troopers.

UPDATE:  Sunrise ComicCon report: more on Stan Lee, comics and costumes

UPDATE: Kotaku reports on Oz ComicCon

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  1. Sounds messy! What a pity it happened that way. Supanova is a huge con and everyone got in. Of course, I spent the whole time on the Random House table, so didn’t see what it was like to get into panels, but at least no one was left queuing outside.


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