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Overtly ignored yet progressing towards equity

Recently an SFF personality wrote a blog congratulating the community on being inclusive. Apparently she hadn’t done her research and, after all, she doesn’t identify as disabled.

I responded on her website.

A person criticised my response.

The SFF personality thanked the critic but ignored my post and my point.

I posted on DMZ without naming and shaming because I figured she’s not malicious, just ignorant, although she’s damaging our chances of improving equity.

I pointed out that my critic’s response was a “not all men” response that, if aimed at a woman being abused, would have been tackled. However, because he was “not all ables” against me, who was responding to an ableist post congratulating the able community on inclusion, it was a cause for the SFF personality TO THANK HIM.

Today I received an email.

That SFF personality has now posted a pledge to provide disability access for conventions. YES! CHEER!!!

Although neither she nor any of the people involved in her post have responded to me directly, nor have they acknowledged my efforts to raise issues, it appears they have actually responded in a constructive manner.

And who am I to criticise the mighty and powerful for ignoring me as a voice in the wilderness if they’re actually going to improve things for my tribe?

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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