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Ocean Atlas by Tom Jackson with illustrations by Ana Djordjevic

A review by Emma Streeton

Ocean Atlas provides a comprehensive exploration of our oceans and seas. It covers geography, ecosystems and animals through a mix of illustrations, photographs, maps, and diagrams. It maps out the ocean’s layers, from the sunlight zone to the abyss, exploring the conditions within each zone and revealing the different creatures that live there. The book also explores key features of the ocean floor such as underwater volcanoes, thermal vents, and the mid-Atlantic ridge. Delve in and be prepared for your kids to be amazed by all the interesting facts this book has to offer.

But does it explore the Green Banana Hole? – Editor.

Bookworms and books

My bookworms are very much into nature and wildlife so naturally I jumped at the chance of reviewing this book. Although a little advanced for my two currently, this is a book I know they will want to return to again and again. They already spent time diving into this book.

The puns, THE PUNS! – Editor

It was great to sit with them and see the wonder on their faces as they discovered new and interesting facts about the ocean. I admit there were a lot of things I didn’t know. My daughters enjoyed reading aloud all of their most interesting discoveries.


The illustrations by Ana Djordevic are fabulous. They are engaging and detailed but in a way that provides the right amount of information for younger audiences. Creating a book that is both educational and fun to read is, I imagine, no easy task. Jackson has done such a great job in writing a book that is ideal for educational purposes but which also provides entertainment and enjoyment. The succinct information combined with the bright and pleasing illustrations is a winning combination.

The verdict

Ocean Atlas is a fabulous addition to my bookworms’ bookshelf and has already been highly recommended to several friends and teachers. There is an awful lot to learn in the world and this little gem has our oceans well and truly covered!

Book details

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
ISBN: 9780711251847
Imprint: QED (Quarto UK; Allen & Unwin in Australia)
Series: Amazing Adventures
Released: July 2020
Format: Hard Cover, 64 pages
Age: 7 – 11
Category: Wildlife (Children’s / Teenage), Children’s & educational

Ocean atlas

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