Notions Unlimited: genre bookshop launched

On 17 March 2012, Chuck McKenzie, proprietor and manager, opened Notions Unlimited Bookshop in Chelsea with the support of many local authors and science fiction/fantasy people.

I’m a fan of the bookshop: the service is friendly and the pricing is excellent.  Even with my piles of books to read I find it difficult to walk out of that shop without buying something.

Photos of the launch

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Below the photo gallery are three videos from Notions Unlimited

1)  the launch featuring yours truly sans makeup.  I was in a hurry and figured I’d be BEHIND the camera, not in front /facepalm
2)  “zombie help” – Notions is an equal opportunity employer
3)  “All Welcome” – Notions even welcomes non-geeks.  Allegedly.  😉