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Normal programming to resume soon… we’re doing our best

Apologies for the lack of new posts and the tardiness of an explanation. As you might know if you follow me on social media, I moved over 3-4 July only to discover the new apartment does not comply with the Residential Tenancies Act. Now the real estate agent has issued an eviction notice in retaliation for requests to repair the heater, which is not only a potentially life-threatening issue but is also mandatory urgent maintenance under the Act.

Instead, the real estate agent has sent numerous emails threatening litigation. The agency also sent TWO men who both violated social distancing in my home and didn’t wear masks to tell me that the oven works according to manufacturer’s specifications. Apparently it’s all good that an oven takes 20 to 30 minutes to heat up, must have all elements switched on and must be set to 220 or 230 degrees or higher to cook fish (packet directions: 180 degrees at 12 minutes per side). The men threatened me, claiming the court will rule according to their report. They also threatened to report me to the court for saying “You are in my home, you are not wearing masks -” in response to them standing there and repeatedly making the same claims about the oven instead of doing something constructive or leaving.

They’re such awesome technicians that after they “fixed” the range hood, the light won’t switch off unless the fan is on, but if the fan is on one particular setting the light won’t turn on. And they “fixed” the dishwasher so now it starts but it seems to wash in cold water only and doesn’t seem to have a heat setting at the end. So I can highly recommend these desirable specimens of manhood and electrical excellence to you. Not sure what for, but I recommend them to you regardless.

Anyhow, with all the dramas, finding new heaters, an air fryer to substitute for the oven, finding a plug to fit the kitchen sink so I could wash up by hand and all of that, I haven’t had the head space to publish Emma and Annabelle’s reviews or to organise a podcast so far this month. Soon. I’m doing my best to shake it off and focus on the good things in life.

Send fur baby pics. Please. Either in the comments below or on social media. I’m loving the fur baby pics and joys that people send me. Share your joys and you double them, share your sorrows and you halve them. Please share your joys.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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