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Nit Boy by Tristan Bancks and Heath McKenzie

A review by Emma Streeton

Meet Lewis Snow. He has the worst case of nits in world history. Everyone wants him to shave his head but Lewis thinks of his nits as pets. He’s determined to keep his hair and his nits, whatever it takes. That is why he is “nit boy”.

Meet Ned. Ned lives on Lewis’s head. He’s the first-ever jumping nit. Ned’s dad asks him to help nits take over the world. But Ned likes it on Lewis’s head. Ned’s vegan and hates the taste of human blood.

Bookworm response

This book was commandeered by my eldest bookworm. She started to read it early one Sunday morning and did not get dressed for the entire day. On handing it back to me her first comment was “5 out of 5 mum.”  Now I think these two things alone highlight what a hit this book is going to be.

This book contains two stories in one. Both amused and entertained. My 8 year old quickly became fond of Lewis and his itchy companions. This was evident when she came running to tell me how horrible it was that Ms Herrick was about to shave Lewis’s hair off. Bancks undoubtedly created an endearing character in Lewis, one that middle grade children will invest in and care about. I witnessed my daughter become absorbed in the plot. She immersed herself in Lewis and Ned’s world. Emotions were evoked. These are the signs of a talented author and a great storyline.

The intermittent black and white illustrations are a great addition to the story line. They are simple but spark humor. The characters are personified, even the nits, further enhancing the reading experience.

My bookworm has raved so much about Nit Boy that I am excited about reading it aloud to my youngest daughter. I have a sneaking suspicion that my eldest bookworm may also be present, just so she can laugh out loud to Lewis and Ned’s antics all over again.

Thank you Tristan Bancks for inspiring and enhancing my daughter’s love of reading. We all look forward to what will come next from you.

Book details

Bookworm rating: 5 out of 5 stars
ISBN: 9781760896300
Imprint: Puffin (Penguin Random House)
Released: 2 July 2020
Format: Paperback, 288 pages
Category: children, humor

Nit boy

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