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Night Creatures go global!

Night Creatures

Night Creatures go global!

Award-winning author Marianne de Pierres has written a hugely successful trilogy, the Night Creatures, previously with a limited (Australia-only) release.  Night Creatures is officially going global with a world-wide release in March 2013.

Read reviews of each novel: Burn Bright, Angel Arias, Shine Light.

Marianne de Pierres spoke to Nalini Haynes of Dark Matter about Marianne’s writing and career.

The Shine Light Blog Tour included a feature on this website, with an excerpt from the novel and a feature on Varonessa.  To experience the full tour, follow these links:

Date Character Blogger Blog home pages
Tuesday 30 October Ruzalia Marianne de Pierres Burn Bright
Weds 31 October Charlonge Stacey Clifford Sassy booklovers
Thurs 1 November Night Creatures Amanda Salles Vegan YA nerds
Fri 2 Nov Markes Cels Jansink Confessions of a bookie monster
Mon 5 Nov Suki Naomi Rees Ink Crush
Tues 6 Nov Jarrold Shaheen Iqbal Spec on spec fic
Weds 7 Nov Liam Alishia Rulyancich Treasured tales for Young Adults
Thurs 8 Nov Clash Kylie Calwell The Kylie Verse
Fri 9 Nov Dark Eve Kylie Kniese Paranormal Angel
Mon 12 Nov Varonessa Nalini Haynes Dark Matter
Tues 13 Nov Ripers Braiden Asciak Book Probe Reviews
Weds 14 Nov Lenoir Rachel Micallef The rest is still unwritten
Thurs 15 Nov Retra/Naif Lisa Yu Bad ass bookie
Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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