That’s a wrap: news on 10 May 2013

That’s a wrap: news on 10 May 2013

A wrap of today’s SFF news, some links and some fun.  If you have news to be included, DM or email me.

News on 10 May 2013: Neil Gaiman Doctor Who trailer, The Moon and the Sun to star Pierce Brosnan, book cover gender flip discussion, Ender’s Game trailer, hilarious Sad Cat Diary, Game of Thrones to be locked down, Netflix coming to Australia (too late to be any good), Gail Carriger in steampunk podcast, galactic coffee.

Netflix is en route for Australia, Foxtel locks down Game of Thrones

Adam Turner asks, “Netflix is coming – but will it be worth watching?” Indicators are that Netflix will be here in about 2 years.

Sadly, Adam says:

Australian fans of fantasy blockbuster Game of Thrones were pleased to learn that this season will be fast-tracked on Quickflix as well as iTunes, but it’s a short-lived victory. As of next year, Foxtel’s new deal with HBO will block Quickflix and iTunes from offering new episodes of Game of Thrones in Australia until Foxtel has finished screening the entire series locally. Foxtel is also snapping up a range of UK content for its new BBC premium channel, which will see some shows disappear from Australia’s free-to-air channels and their Catch Up TV services… [Netflix] is not going to offer new episodes of TV shows before they screen on Australian television, or perhaps even offer them at all if they’re locked away on Foxtel… No-one household is going to happily hand over $10 per month to every movie house rather than a single $10 per month to Netflix. If anything they’ll put the money towards Foxtel or simply a higher monthly download limit so they can simply steal everything they want to watch. The industry will cry foul as people turn back to piracy, oblivious to the fact that it drove away paying customers.

Way to go, Foxtel! The most pirated TV show EVER will gain more pirates! [golf clap]

Adam is spot on when he says the industry will ‘cry foul.’ I predict they will go after pirates and ISPs, willfully blind to the fact that THEY made it all damn too expensive and difficult to access TV and movies legally.

Vonda McIntyre’s The Moon and the Sun to be adapted for film

Pierce Brosnan will play Louis Quatorze in a screen adaptation of Vonda McIntyre’s novel The Moon and the SunScreen Daily writes:

The fantasy-adventure centres on imagined events during the reign of King Louis XIV as the French leader’s bid for immortality leads him to capture and attempt to steal the life force from a mermaid, to be played by rising Chinese star Fan Bingbing. Complications arise when the Sun King’s 18-year-old illegitimate daughter Marie-Josephe falls for the mermaid’s keeper and risks everything trying to set him and the mythical creature free.

Coverflip: Maureen Johnson Calls For An End To Gendered Book Covers With An Amazing Challenge (IMAGES)

HuffPost says:

Yesterday, author Maureen Johnson had a great idea. She tweeted “I do wish I had a dime for every email I get that says, “Please put a non-girly cover on your book so I can read it. – signed, A Guy” – and so came the idea for a challenge for her 77,000 followers. A challenge that she called Coverflip.

The coverflip challenge WITH PICS is here.

Maureen writes more here.

Enders Game: trailer

Sad Cat Diary by zefrank1

This is hilarious, a must-watch for all cat people!

Neil Gaiman’s next Doctor Who episode: a trailer starring Warrick Davis