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Nathan Makaryk This podcast features a guest who has written Robin Hood with a twist: King Richard is the sociopath he was in real life. This guest also criticises my FAVORITE superhero movie – Wonder Woman – and I agree with him! Furthermore, he tells everyone that the reason they hate the new Star Wars movies is ALL WRONG! They should be hating on those movies FOR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS! WELCOME NATHAN MAKARYK!

Nathan is a theatre owner, playwright, director, actor and improv comedian living in southern California. None of these pay very well so he has a day job teaching audio systems networking software to people who have no idea he’s a novelist and theatre guy.

This is a fun podcast where we discuss all things geek. For more, visit Nathan’s website. He’s blogged about genre movies. Nathan’s commentary demonstrates his skill in weaving excellent stories.

You can find Nathan Makaryk on his website and twitter. You can find his books to read or hate read and tell HIM why he’s wrong at all good bookstores and on his publishers‘ websites: Macmillan in the US and Penguin in Australia. If you’re in one of the other hundred-plus countries I haven’t mentioned, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND.

Robin Hood

In this years-old edition of Dark Matter Zine, I mentioned having read somewhere in the recesses of the internet that the Wachowskis had teamed up to make a new Robin Hood movie. Then all information disappeared. After doing a quick google, it appears the Wachowskis have not worked on a Robin Hood movie. And the two Robin Hood movies produced in the past 10 years both focus on Robin leading a rebellion against the corrupt crown. However, IMDB has not been kind to these movies. And IMDB is usually much kinder than other review websites like Rotten Tomatoes. Makes you wish the Wachowskis would take Nathan Makaryk’s novels and turn them into a movie. Jupiter Ascending tried to fit a Dune-saga-length story into one movie so please don’t do that again. I’m happy for a series of movies or a TV series. KThanksGo.

Thanks for joining us and stay safe.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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