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Music you must not miss

At the national convention it came to my attention that some people have missed out on some awesome geek culture.  Here are some videos you must see.  If you like The Guild or want to hear more, don’t miss my interview with Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo) and Jeff Lewis (Vork).

Gamer Girls and Country Boys

This is Felicia Day’s latest, from her Geek and Sundry channel on YouTube.

I’m the one that’s cool

This is a song from The Guild, a joint project with Felicia Day, the Guild team and Jed Whedon.

Game on

This is the second song from The Guild, where Zaboo tries to convince Codex to play.  The Bollywood style is awesome and note the 8-bit props.

Do you wanna date my avatar

This is the first Guild song.

The Guild Sells Out 

After being accused by some of selling out because they accepted sponsorship from Microsoft, the Guild did a Christmas special.  This is the intro, from which you watch the ads for each item based on the Guild’s characters.

UPDATE:  Ben McKenzie:  what, no filking? No TMBG? No Jonathon Coulton? …fancy a follow up article? 😉

I’m now looking up these guys on YouTube.  🙂

I interviewed Dr Pants recently

And before Dr Pants, I interviewed the Jane Austen Argument.

I looked up TMGB and was so unimpressed, then realised it was TMBG…


I refrained from posting this when Ray Bradbury died, but I think this is geek music.  Definitely NSFW.

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