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Most hated science fiction movie ever

What is your most hated science fiction movie and why?  

What form does your hate take?  Do you rant?  Are you the peanut gallery like the old men in the Muppet Show?

Alan Baxter hates on Prometheus in a most entertaining and yet emotive manner, while Tom Drummond watches Prometheus to be the peanut gallery in twitter.

I’m curious.

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


  1. Yes, Prometheus ranks highly as my most hated SF movie, for several reasons, mostly because of promises undelivered, and for stomping on fans, and for lazy ‘smart’ writing (ie. injecting symbolism without reason and then pretending that’s clever). It’s a very pretty movie which is a case study for terrible writing, plotting, dialogue and characterisation. Watching it recently with my daughter sadly revealed to me that it has no redeeming features; even the prettiness isn’t inspiring enough on a home-sized big TV.

    Other hated SF movies:

    Sourcecode, for being brilliant until, after it should have ended, it ruined itself and then ruined itself even /more/. Press ‘stop’ at the freezeframe about 10 mins from the end and it’s great.

    Sunshine. A movie with so much creepy, classic space exploration SF awesomeness, which turns into a shithouse run-of-the-mill pseudo-scientific slasher flick halfway through.

    Note that all these movies are rated so highly on my hate-o-meter because they are could have been great.

    Re. Patty’s comment about The Black Hole, I find that really interesting. My personal take on that movie (as a kid and an adult) was never influenced by the ending, and I always thought it was cool; the robots, the creepy spaceship, the religiously deluded power mad scientist and his insane robot. It’s odd that I never made any direct religious connection to that ending.

    That’s not to minimise the validity of your opinion on it; I just find it really interesting how different folks hate on movies for different reasons: eg. Prometheus drives me nuts with its stupid characters making stupid decisions Because Plot (of which there isn’t much anyway). Yet others defend that writing by saying ‘in real life people wouldn’t be logical either’. Yes, but narrative isn’t like real life. Real life is too unpredictable, boring, and unbelievable to be neatly translated into narrative.

    Anyway, I have friends who love Sunshine, too. And Cube.


    • I’ve really enjoyed Prometheus. I have to admit my enjoyment has been based on NOT WATCHING it, and just watching the hate. I thought this ‘prequel’ http://youtu.be/yFYmv6t_Xyg summed up the most common criticisms in a very entertaining way. Can a spoof of a movie be considered a review? If so, I think these guys deserve that award for the most entertaining review.

  2. I get fairly stabby at bad physics in pretty much every science fiction movie ever. No one particularly jumps out at me, though. Generally, they have some redeeming factors (ie storyline) which make me keep watching. That said, I haven’t actually seen Prometheus yet.

    (books on the other hand…)

  3. Prometheus is the latest one but then Lucas did three prequels. What do I dislike about them? A large part of it is messing with something that wasn’t broke and assuming the viewer is a complete idiot.

  4. The most hated SF movie? Well, I’m not exactly a movie buff but I remember clearly visiting my uncle in London. He said to me “You like SF? I have a SF movie.” This was, y’know, in the days of videos. Remember them?

    So we watched this movie called “The Black Hole”. I’d never heard of it. Anyway, as some of you will know, it involves a space crew visiting a crazy dude left alone on a space station circling a black hole. I love space stuff and it was interesting, if a bit slow.

    But then at the end, the whole station falls into the black hole and not only does everyone die, but it turns out that the black hole is really a gateway to a Christian-style heaven and I’m going WTF? Have I been watching this whole movie just in order to get this religious [expletive, expletive, expletive] rammed down my throat?


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