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Morgan Grant Buchanan

Morgan Grant Buchanan photo by David Honl

Morgan Grant Buchanan‘s interview is at the bottom of this page in MP4 (video) format.  An MP3 option will be added shortly.

Morgan has authored comic books, the screenplay for Barrier, ghost-written Babylon Confidential (Claudia Christian’s memoirs) and is currently working on 16 different projects including co-writing Wolf’s Empire, a science fiction young adult series, with Claudia Christian.

Babylon confidential

Interview questions

Some of the planned interview questions are below.

Please note: interviews are relational, so questions develop as a response to answers and the order of planned questions can change to improve flow.  This was a plan only.

  • When did you first know you wanted to become a writer?
  • What authors have most influenced your writing?
  • How did you make the transition to writing full time?
  • The first book you sold was Babylon Confidential: was this the first book you wrote or co-wrote?
  • How did you meet Claudia Christian?
  • How did the collaboration begin?
  • Babylon Confidential is a very personal story: how did you work to keep Claudia’s voice and yet shape the writing?
  • Most of your writing projects are fiction, science fiction even, and yet Babylon Confidential is non-fiction: is it difficult to switch genres?
  • Is changing styles difficult?
  • Tell us about your other projects.
  • Do you have a favourite character in your writing and if so, why?
  • In much of your work, you’re collaborating with different people.  What are some of the different ways collaborations operate?
  • What challenges, if any, did you have to work through?
  • How did you find the transition from novels to scriptwriting?
  • Is there a dream project you’d like to work on?
  • Are you reading novels at the moment?
  • A lot has been made about the ‘work life balance’; do you find it difficult to find that balance?
  • What are some of your long term goals or projects that you can share?
  • In today’s age of communication, there is a trend to reduce the amount of time spent traveling.  How do you manage working with people overseas?

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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