Moral Kombat: Ethical Choices in Games

PAX Australia 2016 featured a full schedule of kick-ass panels. I managed to catch several and recorded this one on ethical choices in games with permission. The video recording is below and the podcast (audio-only) is above as well as on iTunes.

Moral Kombat: Ethical Choices in Games

We’ve all done it. We’ve all chosen to go renegade once in a while, taken a step into the dark side. Sometimes it makes us feel good and sometimes horrible. But do these choices we make in games reflect on how we act in real life? If we’re prone to griefing players are we more likely to be aggressive in our day to day? If we’re pure paragon does it mean we’re better people? Find out as the panel discusses how the choices we make in games have any affect on whether we’re “good” people or not.


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Full Moral Kombat panel #paxaus2016

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