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Monster Massacre comic anthology

A review by Ross Joseph

Stories & Art by: Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Andy Kuhn, Ron Marz, Tom Raney, David Elliott, Alex Horley, Ian Edginton, D’Israeli, Dave Wilkins, Mark A. Nelson, Dave Dorman, Jerry Paris, Arthur Suydam, Steve White, Vito Delsante & Iavier Aranda.

Published by: TITAN Comics


Remember those fun anthology TV shows like Twilight Zone and Amazing Stories? What we have here with Monster Massacre by Titan Comics is just that. From some of the most creative minds, past and present in the comics industry, is an anthology of some very fun and not so fun action/adventure and horror stories.

With over 10 plus short stories from many different contributors, there is something in Monster Massacre for everyone. Titan Comics doesn’t seem to be put off by nudity. That isn’t a bad thing but can be there, it seems, for the sake of just being there. Much like the violence. At times the blood and gore fits perfectly in the story on display. But maybe not at others.

The nature of anthologies

Coming from so many different artist and writers, Monster Massacre is a mixed bag. Out of all contained within, I found myself really only enjoying about half of the shorts. It’s not to say the others weren’t fun. They were, but some of the art styles here will drive you to want to dig your eye balls out. Others look absolutely beautiful with so much packed in detailed you could hang them in a museum.

The verdict

Of particular enjoyment was the short by Ron Marz and Tom Raney. Gorgeous art, well written and a fun adventure story with monsters thrown in for good measure. Didn’t overstay its welcome. It made me want more (HINT HINT) from the two main characters.

What I like about anthology comics like this is that you can pick and choose which to read in any order and not be penalized for it. Storywise, nothing is linked.

Just be warned, some of the shorts within Monster Massacre can be boring, with some dull art. Some were even flat out strange to read as I felt I was missing parts. But all in all, there is easily something on offer for anyone.


Rating:  2.5 out of 5.

Monster Massacre cover: a red woman has tendrils of something covering her nipples and her legs are akimbo with only a thong concealing her genitals

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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