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Monkey Business by Kathryn Ledson

Monkey BusinessA review by Elizabeth Manthos

ISBN-13: 9781921901164
ISBN-10: 1921901160
Format: paperback, 304 pages
Publisher: Penguin

Erica Jewell is a part-time vigilante. It’s already stressful enough without the pressures of a demanding day job, annoying family and naturally, bossy cat. Now her mysterious lover has vanished on a classified and clandestine mission without leaving a forwarding address. It’s pretty typical of hired gun Jack Jones: he’d rather risk his life than his heart.

Erica discovers with a shock that Jack is MIA on the jungle-infested island of Saint Sebastian. When no one seems willing to help find Jack or even acknowledge his existence, Erica knows she’s his only chance. Negotiating her way around lawless and sweltering Sebastian where monkey business abounds proves far more dangerous than she expected.

Will she find her way through Saint Sebastian and find Jack in time, or will the trip to Saint Sebastian prove to be too much for a former vigilante?

Kathryn’s writing was well done and Erica is a strong female character and Australian to boot. Erica spends a lot of time lusting over the elusive and drop dead gorgeous Jack Jones. The scenes between Erica and Jack seem to flow quite well and you can just picture them together.

The plot itself was not the best and there seemed to be a few parts through the novel where it was hole-y and some scenes just were just completely outrageous. This could just be because this is a sequel and not the first novel (I have not read the previous novels).

All in all, for an Australian based novel by an Australian author, Monkey Business was a good read. I recommend this novel for a quick summer read.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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