Misfits TV series s02e01

Misfits season 2A review by Nalini Haynes

At the end of Misfits  season one, Nathan finally discovered his superpower. Unfortunately, he discovered it by being resurrected in his already buried coffin.

The team of Misfits are young offenders Alisha, Curtis, Simon, Nathan and Kelly, doing community service, trying to stay ahead while also staying alive.

The masked man revealed in the finale of season one appears again, flying paper airplanes into Kelly’s eye and other Misfits’ feet, telling them to go to Nathan’s grave. Nathan hasn’t died of asphyxiation or hunger yet so Kelly hears Nathan telepathically while he jerks himself off in his coffin.

When they dig Nathan up, he’s fully clothed although he stinks – he shat himself during resurrection. Later he spends a lot of time on the toilet, a side effect of resurrection. While sitting on the toilet, Nathan misses a shapeshifter masquerading as himself, turning everyone against Simon.

Another dead probation officer causes one of the classic lines of this series, “Can we please stop killing our probation workers?” inspiring fan videos like the one below. (Warning: the video has spoilers if you’re only up to season 2 episode 1).

Misfits TV series second season is off to a good start.

★★★★☆  4 out of 5 stars