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Misfits TV series s01e02

MisfitsA review by Nalini Haynes

★★★★☆  four out of five stars

Four of the Misfits offenders have discovered their superpowers. Each superpower reflects their personalities and concerns, although viewers may not yet realise the extent. Nathan, the mouthy clown, is disgruntled because he hasn’t found his superpower yet.

Community service for this week is supporting a function for elderly people, talking to them, fetching for them and dancing with them. Nathan meets a beautiful young woman and spends time with her.

While picking up rubbish, the group meet a hairy naked man with unusually large genitalia (‘did you see his massive cock?’ asked Alisha). The hairy naked man is Jeremy, Nathan’s mum’s… ‘person she lives with’.

The two stories entwine to teach Nathan a life lesson, challenging him to grow up.

Meanwhile, the Misfits have a new probation officer. She’s investigating the disappearance of the old probation officer. Someone is leaving mysterious notes in the Misfits’ lockers as in I know what you did last summer. The Misfits have unguarded conversations…

Comedy and heart combine to make this a thoroughly enjoyable watch even the second time around. Nathan doesn’t magically turn into a nice person but he becomes a more sympathetic character as he faces some issues. Highly recommended.

Note: sex scenes include graphic nudity. The naked hairy man is also very cheeky.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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