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Minion went to the post office…

In case you missed it, my minion (my partner) moved to Canberra last month. Until I’ve finished my degree (in November), I’ll stay in Melbourne while he lives… a long way away. Travel costs a lot more in Australia than the US, too.

It was our anniversary yesterday — with him in Canberra and me in Melbourne. Yay.  But he came to visit over the weekend, doing chores like fixing all the IT things that broke (were proven to be user-unfriendly) during the previous week.

And he bought me a Minion.

I called the minion “she”.

Partner: “His name is Stuart. It was on the label.”

Me: “I cut the label off. Who needs those things? They’re huge and they detract!”

Yesterday, the minion accompanied me everywhere. For the full story, see Dark Matter’s Instagram account.

We visited the post office and picked up these beauties (pictured below). Instagram has a photo of the minion discovering the books in a very full post office box.

Minion adventures

The minion and I had fun.

I’d appreciate advice or a helpful url that shows how to easily take files from the iphone, ipad or imac and load them onto this website. Today I copied from the ipad to the imac because they didn’t automatically share files although the phone shared with the pad. I created a folder (I needed to do this twice before it actually happened, I have no idea why), then I exported from Photos into a new folder because Chrome couldn’t see the photos to upload them. I have no idea why. Before the new patch, Chrome could see and upload photos from iPhotos, it was great. Now Chrome can only see and upload photos from before the new patch. Everything after iPhotos changing to Photos with the new icon is hidden from Chrome. Not happy.

The more time everything takes, the less likely I am to use this product, at least for the remainder of this year, which is going to be somewhat hellish. Imagine walking and catching trains EVERYWHERE. You need some food? 5km walk, round trip. You want to go to uni? 3 to 4 hours walking and trains, 4 days a week. You need to go to the post office? 4km round trip in the opposite direction from the supermarket with the good instant food (yummy soups etc).

Although I’m doing well and getting fitter because no minion with car, everything is taking longer. I miss riding a bike because it was so much faster but I stopped riding about 4 years ago after too many accidents. I’m kinda fond of my skin on my body and not the road and my blood inside my body. Walking is a thing. It works but it takes time.

Some tips for quick and easy uploads and file synching would be AWESOME.


Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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