Club Nintendo: Mario and Boo Notebooks (showcase)

A review by Rebecca Fleming

I got these Mario and Boo Notebooks from Club Nintendo quite a while ago (they were the first rewards I claimed from the site) but I figured I might as well do a post on them as well. There is also a Peach notebook, but not being a fan of either Princess Peach or pink things in general, I just got the Mario and Boo notebooks. They’re about A5 size, spiral bound and have a printed clear plastic cover over an inner cardboard cover:

Mario and Boo Notebooks: Boo's always chasing Mario...

Boo’s always chasing Mario…

Unfortunately the pictures on the Club Nintendo site don’t show the paper inside the notebooks, so when I ordered them hoping at least one would be lined paper, I was a little disappointed to receive them and discover that they both contained grid paper:

Mario and Boo Notebooks: Pages

Mario and Boo Notebooks: inside pages

Still, I’m always scrawling down ideas about something, whether it’s for my PhD research or one of my novels in progress, so I’m sure I’ll find a use for them.