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Lloyd Penney: Letter of Comment

Letter of Comment from Lloyd Penney

Dear Nalini:

Pursuant to that great Facebook conversation we had, here are some comments on the contents of Dark Matter 10.

Hope the Haynes family is feeling better. Dealing with the flu and pneumonia is no fun at any time, so having it for a month must have been a real pain, and a worry. I have seen Bruce Boxleitner’s new project, Lantern City, and learned just a few days ago that he’s brought in his old Babylon 5 co-star, Mira Furlan, into the project to play one of the leading roles. I hope Lantern City will be visible at a television station near me soon, but if not, I hope it will also be visible online.

Becoming a voice actor…this is what I am trying to do myself. There are thousands like me, and only one or two opportunities, and most voice directors won’t go for newcomers, but will go with tried and true and established voice actors, which is why you usually see the same names in the credits. Still, I’ve made a few bucks doing voice work, and I will continue to look. A lot of good cartoons come out of Toronto, so with some luck and a break, I might be able to get on with a production. Might have to join an actor’s union, but I will if I have to.

A quick lead on an interview…Peter Jurasik is on Facebook, and you might be able to conduct an e-interview with him. See what he says…and, you won’t have to transcribe it. I am sure he’s got some great memories of his days with B5, and how one of the show’s most memorable characters went from a minor official to the head of the Centauri empire. It’s a rare show in which the cast became good and close friends, but B5 is one of them. (Look for the cast shot online where everyone is giving the photographer the finger…)

Great interviews, especially the one where one Nalini talks to another. I am used to being the only Lloyd in the room… I am working for a newsletter company, and I am getting a hands-on lesson or two on search engine optimisation. It isn’t easy or intuitive for me, but it might help me along the way with other things.

I think I am done for the moment…this weekend is a busy one, with us being guest liaison to none other than Christopher J. Garcia at SFContario 3 in Toronto. We should have marvellous fun. Many thanks, and I look forward to issue 11.

Lloyd Penney.

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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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