Jonathan Cowie: Letter of Comment


This is to both our existing team of news providers to the Concatenation site (from whom we are always delighted to hear) as well as those we know who may yet be encouraged to wave their respective nation’s SF flag in Britain and the English-speaking world (3/4 of our traffic) by sending us news of forthcoming national SF conventions as well as brief news of what happened at the current one.

Some of you may not be plugged into the London 2014 Worldcon bid and so we are pleased to attach a copy of their statement that they will _not_ be bidding to be a Eurocon in August/September 2014. This leaves it open for other nations to bid to be a Eurocon that year. A Eurocon early in 2014 (some months before the London Worldcon (assuming it wins and it is currently unopposed)) would be a place to meet to discuss Europe’s contribution to the London Worldcon, and in all likelihood the London Worldcon team would probably conduct some promotional event at that Eurocon.

Meanwhile thank you — our regulars — for feeding us SF news from your country, and we hope that others of you will feel encouraged to do the same. (bold: Editor’s addition = hint)

All best wishes
Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation