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Chris Garcia: Letter of Comment

Dark Matter issue 1 cover

It’s always good to read the first issue of a new zine and I think Dark Matter makes a wonderful first impression with that lovely cover. It really gives a feeling for the rest of the zine!

I am torn by Terra Nova. Spielberg has a way of destroying everything I hold dear. His involvement has ruined so many different projects that I thought I was going to love. Even as an Executive Producer (a role he did very well in Amazing Stories, for example) he manages to get his fingerprints all over everything. It’s quite depressing, especially for a guy who could make great films back in the 1980s.

V, on the other hand, makes me smile. I have a thing where whenever they revive one of the shows I loved as a kid, I hate the remake. Battlestar Galactica is the perfect example. LOVED the original, it had a lot to do with my love of SF TV, but the remake sucked hard. Yes, I recognize that the original was not well-made, but the new one lacked all heart. It was a shame. This does not hold true for V. Everything about the new version is so strong. Castings, effects, cinematography, acting, scripts, it’s all good and it makes me forget that there was ever an original. True, I’d like to see a guy shatter his hand after a tragic liquid nitrogen accident, but these are the little things. Of course, it might just be my giant crush on Elizabeth Mitchell. I really hope it gets back on the screen soon.

Really want to see Iron Sky, though identifying Udo Kier with Dogville and Dancer in the Dark seems odd. I mean, Andy Warhol’s Dracula, Colossus: The Forbin Project, these might have been his better known projects, though I must admit he was great in Dancer (and Lars Von Trier happens to be my favorite director).

I’m on the Renovation committee and will be running the Fan Lounge. I’m very excited and it should be a good time for all!

I wish I could have been at Aussiecon, not only because I could have attended the Hugos Pre-party, but because then I could have possibly seen my beloved Geelong Cats play their final regular season game. Sigh. Someday, perhaps. I am so glad my friend Seanan won the Campbell. I had her running second in my Handicapping the Hugos issue of The Drink Tank, with Gail Carriger running first, but it was good to her one. She’s good people!

I need to read Terminal World. I hear nothing but good things and it’s probably best that I read it before I end up having to speed-read it for the Handicapping the Hugos issue in March. I really like Alastair Reynolds and was especially happy that he gave us an article for Journey Planet.

Never read any Pratchett. I know, I know…

Really interested in The Way of Kings. It’s odd as it’s not the kind of novel I would seek out on my own, but your review makes it sound exactly like something I would dig. The same thing happened recently with Felix Gilman’s The Half-Made World, a book I never would have given a chance based on the concept, but I was forced to read it when I got a copy to review and I ended up absolutely loving it. Sometimes, we all just need to have our eyes opened.

As a Video Game Historian, I can say that Evolution excites me, but not quite enough to upgrade to be able to play it!

Tilda Swinton is one of my favorite actors in the world. Her portion of Constantine was even watchable! I still haven’t seen I Am Love, but it’s on my Netflix queue, waiting to arrive at my home so I can ignore it for a month and then finally pop it in and wonder what took me so long.

Good stuff! Thanks

– Chris Garcia

Thanks for the feedback Chris, I enjoyed producing DM too.

Spielberg is like that. I mean, what was with the ending of Indy 4?

Don’t speed read unless you are enduring a book and not enjoying it in my opinion.

No Pratchett?!

If you need to upgrade to play Evolution, and you want to play Evolution, well…
If you play Evolution, please tell me why you enjoy it, if indeed you do. And if you are prepared to admit it. 🙂


Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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