Club Nintendo: Legend of Zelda Carry Case (showcase)

A review by Rebecca Fleming

The Legend of Zelda is one of my favourite series, so when I saw the carry case on Club Nintendo, I had to have it (I was so glad I hadn’t wasted my stars on the Pikmin tote, which I’d contemplated only a few days earlier). It is quite a good looking case:

Zelda Case

The material was a little thinner than I expected (I thought it’d be more heavy duty nylon or something) but it still feels like good quality. The gold print has a strong metallic sheen and the Club Nintendo logo and heart container on the zippers are a nice touch. It would be the perfect size to use as a small toiletries holder or pencil case,  however it also fits a 3DS console and some games quite easily, as my second photo shows:

Zelda Case with 3DS and Games

That’s my 3DS XL sitting beside it (on top of the generic case I bought for it off eBay) along with my collection of games. Both the 3DS XL and the game case fit inside the Zelda case with no issues, even if I leave the handheld in its generic case. Given that the Zelda case has no real padding or protection, I’m reluctant to use it exclusively for my 3DS, but it’s a good way to carry the handheld and games together.