L A Weatherly: From Angels to Fighter Pilots

L A Weatherly portrait

A guest blog by L A Weatherly

I must have a thing about flying.

I mean, seriously, I must. Not only have I written a series about a girl who’s half-angel, now I’m writing a series about a girl who’s a fighter pilot. (And in another writing-lifetime, I wrote a younger series about a school for fairies. See? That flying thing. AGAIN.)

Yet in my dreams, I can fly sometimes. I just put out my arms and take off. It always feels so natural, like a recently remembered skill. I love those dreams.

So maybe, deep down, flying is something I yearn for.

Amity, the heroine of Broken Sky, flies a fictional version of Spitfires – described by one pilot as like ‘strapping on a pair of wings and stepping up into the sky’. Having flown in a Spitfire for research (the things I do for you guys…!) – wow. I respect the hell out of Amity. Those planes took courage and real skill to pilot.

If you long to fly or even if you don’t, I hope you enjoy Broken Sky. I’ve loved writing it. I just wonder what direction my latent flying obsession will take my writing next?

Birds, maybe?

Broken Sky the title and a subtitle "trust no one" is in a black circle surrounded by stars