Kitteh supervises my departure

First thing in the morning, Smokey, my kitteh, harasses me to brush her then she tends to settle in full view of a window, usually the living room window or a window on the east side of the house that offers morning sun.

Not so this morning.

This morning she looks partly despondent and partly pissed off, watching me put my shoes on before departing for university:

What? You’re leaving me at home AGAIN? But you went out on TUESDAY!”

She’s a cat, though, so she gets pissed off IN COMFORT, while lying on a woollen blanket. That I took the sheets off the bed to change them is a bonus.

This photo is the view from the hall where I just pulled on my shoes before scurrying out the door to miss my train.

If I hadn’t taken this photo I would have caught my train.

And been even earlier for a lecture that started an hour late.

Smokey supervisng

Luckily Smokey’s other servant returns tonight. She’ll probably be back to her normal aloof self next week, pretending she doesn’t care when I go to school.