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Kiss Of Snow by Nalini Singh

a review by Jade Hounsell

Book 10 in Psy-Changeling series

Kiss of Snow, the tenth book in the Psy-Changeling series deals with the building relationship happening between Hawke and Sienna. This was very much touched upon in the last book, Play of Passion, but from my understanding has had the foundations set up in much earlier book/s.

Hawke is the Alpha Pack leader for the SnowDancer wolf pack. Hawke lost the woman who would have been his mate long ago when they were children (and wolves only have one mate in their life-time), so he has resigned himself to being solitary. When he meets Sienna something primal stirs inside of him, he keeps telling himself she is too young and that he could never give all of himself to her like she deserves, so he keeps his distance and pushes her away whenever he can. The problem is that the chemistry between them seems to be so strong that no matter what he does or how hard he pushes, he feels compelled to be around her. So after much soul searching, and a push from the rest of the pack, Hawke decides that he will pursue Sienna and that nothing is going to get in his, or his wolf’s, way to claim her.

Sienna is a Psy who defected from the PsyNet with her family and sought protection in the SnowDancers pack. Sienna is an X-Psy, a Cardinal one at that, which is fire-class. These types of Psy are very rare, tending not to live past their teenage years due to their tendency to self-combust. The theory is that if an X goes ‘critical mass’ then they have the ability to not only kill themselves, but also take a whole continent with them when they go. Sienna has been avoiding critical mass by purging herself whenever the fire within her builds up. The problem is that the time between the build-ups has been shorter and shorter, meaning that soon there will be nothing she can do to stop critical mass happening.

Throw into the mix the Psy war heating up in the SnowDancer/DarkRiver territory, a lot of questions from other books answered, some plot going on with the Arrows, Sasha and Lucas having their baby, and a secondary romance happening between Sienna’s uncle, Walker, and the SnowDancer’s healer, Lara, and BAM!! You have a very interesting, well-rounded book. I think it’s one of the best of the series (Well…that I have read anyway)!!

Previously published in Dark Matter issue 5, September 2011.  This blog has been pre-dated to reflect the date of original publication.



Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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