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Kimberly Kenna on communities for kids

Kimberly Kenna author photo: middle aged woman sits on beach. She has short brown hair, a blue jacket over a blue topKimberly Kenna studied psychology and trained as a counsellor while working as a breakfast cook whose poached eggs are still a disaster, a detective’s assistant hunting errant husbands and insurance scammers and a martial arts instructor. Then, for something different, she retrained to become a teacher. After teaching she left to study creative writing. And now she’s writing stories with strong female leads for primary school students.

Artemis and the Sound Seekers Brigade reviewed

Aimee Jodoin reviewed Kimberly Kenna’s novel. She says, “Handling mature issues (including divorce, parental alcoholism, and near-death experiences) with tact, Artemis Sparke and the Sound Seekers Brigade is a commanding novel with a powerful environmental message.”

Find Kimberley Kenna

You can find Kim at her website, on Instagram, on Facebook and on twitter.

If you liked this…

If you enjoyed this podcast and Kimberly Kenna’s book, look at Bridget Hodder’s discussion of her kid’s book, her collaboration and representation of minorities.

The Card

Google decreed that you’re not an “expert” in your subject matter unless you post your own photos. Therefore I’m trying to include photos I’ve taken. Hence the photos of the card I made to say “thank you” to Kimberly Kenna for being a guest.

When I pulled out my stamps I was inclined to use fairies and have fun with it but Kim’s novel is based on a mostly real (aka not fantasy) world. So, instead, I tried to reference the salt marshes that Kim’s protagonist, Artemis, works to save.


Thanks to you who’ve read this far and, hopefully, also listed to the podcast.

I’m hoping to find a transcribing app that’s more helpful than Dragon was back when I used to use it. When I used Dragon I found that transcribing 15 minutes of interview tended to take about an hour of stress and frustration. Dragon changed my corrected edits for no apparent reason so I had to re-edit, which was bald-inducingly frustrating. I’m hoping that, in 2023, I can re-engage with transcriptions for the d/Deaf and those who prefer text to podcasts. Wish me luck. If you have suggestions for transcription apps, please comment below.

Stay safe and watch this space. My next guest is an Australian author who wrote sisters of murdered women murdering murderers. I’m looking forward to talking to Katherine Kovacic!

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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