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An experimental card for Kelly Morton

This entry is part 12 of 16 in the series Thank you to #AuthorsForFireys contributors

Kelly Morton contributed to the Authors For Fireys fundraiser in January 2020. This mammoth undertaking was organised by Emily Gale and Nova Wheetman. They raised $513,149 to support firefighters and to help Australia’s bushfire survivors.

The entire list of original Authors For Fireys series of interviews and guest blogs are here. The ‘thank you’ posts, each of which include my cardmaking efforts, are here.

Meet Kelly Morton

To introduce herself during the Authors For Fireys fundraiser, Kelly said:

I’m not an author and until Monday my businesses Twitter account wasn’t active. I hadn’t planned on launching Twitter until much later on in the year.

I saw #AuthorsforFireys trending and it made me catch my breath. The tweets coming through from authors were incredible. I wanted to get involved, even if it was a little nerve-wracking for me to do so.

This feeling of utter helplessness has overwhelmed me over the past weeks. I suspect, sadly, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Trying to help is the only thing that comes close to making it subside.

My name is Kelly Morton…

My name’s Kelly Morton, I worked in publishing for over ten years. I’ve had the honor of working with a lot of the authors over that time. I worked at Walker Books Australia, Allen & Unwin and Hachette Australia. I spent most of that time building communities online, marketing campaigns and helping authors.

Last year I went out on my own, I started a business specializing in digital marketing for authors and creatives.

I’m auctioning a digital marketing consultation and online audit. For the consultation, I’m honestly very happy to be led by what might be most useful to the bid winner depending on where they are in their author journey and where they hope to go. Social media platforms, advertising, websites, publishing. Ask me whatever you like!

For the online audit, I will go through their online accounts/website and offer suggestions to optimize. It will help give them a roadmap of what to do next and why.

If we’re local…

If you’re in Sydney, we can grab a coffee and treat otherwise I can do this over the phone or skype.

Heck. I’ll interpretive dance it. Whatever is most useful.

(Note: Be careful what you offer. Video of interpretive dance consultation welcome at DMZ. — Editor.)

Building communities. Community. That’s what I love about the power of online. That’s the exact thing giving me hope. People coming together. People helping. We’re seeing social media for good right now and that makes me happy.


Kelly Morton

Website: https://lookingglasscreative.com.au/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LookGlassCreate
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lookingglasscreative/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LookingGlassCreative/

Dark Matter Zine says thank you

I am a novice card maker but I made the pictured card. This is a thank you to Kelly for appearing as a guest on Dark Matter Zine and for supporting Australia’s firefighters.

About the card

This is a card that I largely made last year while experimenting with all my new toys. I purchased the decorative rice paper, cut out the negative image using a die, cut a second set out of green cardstock and glued some of that onto the rice paper. Then I glued the rice paper onto green card.

The end result was a too-large card that could not cope with its own weight. I shelved it. Recently I dug it out, cut it in half to make two separate cards of similar size then used versamark ink and gold embossing powder to heat-emboss the stamped ‘Thanks’ sentiment. I didn’t have an envelope that fitted so, instead of trying to make an envelope for the first time ever, I wussed out and bought an envelope at the post office.

Perhaps I’ll make an envelope another time. Maybe once the pandemic is over so I know my paper supplies have lasted the distance.

Recently I’ve been watching lots of crafting videos so I have more ideas for how to make this kind of card and use these resources with a better outcome. It’s all part of the learning process.

Thanks for all the fish

Thank you for visiting my site. You’re amazing, especially if you read this far. Or even if you just scrolled down to the bottom of the page!

Never give up, always look for learning and mentoring opportunities even if your teachers and mentors aren’t consciously aware of you. This is the joy of our era: I enjoyed ‘mentoring’ from the likes of Ivanova and Delenn on Babylon 5, Troi on ST:TNG, from many other fictional characters. And, more recently, I’ve sought crafting mentoring from Kelly Latevola, Jennifer McGuire and Sandy Allnock, some of the crafters on YouTube whose channels I watch avidly.

Stay strong, stay safe and look for joy in the midst of darkness.


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Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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