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Kathryn Leigh Scott in the Limelight

Kathryn Leigh Scott
with the cast of
Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows

Kathryn Leigh Scott started working as a Play Bunny before moving on to an iconic soapy slash mild horror that influenced TV productions like Buffy.  Since that series, Dark Shadows, she has made guest appearances on many notable TV shows; everything from Dynasty to the A team, before appearing in Tim Burton’s recent Dark Shadows movie.  She set up her own publishing house, she’s written several books in different genres and successfully published even more titles.

Kathryn talks to Nalini Haynes about her career in the video below.  An MP3 of this interview will be added soon.


Planned interview questions

Please note: these are planned questions only.  They may have been altered, asked out of order or omitted as interviews are organic and relational.

  • You began working as a play bunny – how did this come about?
  •  Your next career move was onto Dark Shadows, starting in the pilot episode.  How did you land that role?
  • Please tell us about Dark Shadows.
  • What was it like working on Dark Shadows?
  • Samantha asks: Of the characters you played on Dark Shadows, which was your favorite?
  •  You currently attend annual Dark Shadows conventions.
  •  You’ve written books about Dark Shadows.
  •  What sets Dark Passages apart from the Dark Shadows books?
  •  Samantha asks: How do people get involved with Dark shadows novels?
  •  Since the original TV series there have been a number of revivals including another TV series and the recent Tim Burton Movie.
  •  Jim Vinton  asks: what was it like to see the movie being filmed on such a large scale after all this time, compared to the production in the 60s?
  •  Since working on Dark Shadows you’ve made guest appearances in a long list of popular TV series.
  •  What changes have you noted in the industry during the course of your career?
  •  You started your own publishing house.
  •  You’ve published a range of books, including several that you’ve written.
  • IMDB cites you in some productions coming out next year.  What can you tell us about them?
  •  Do you have more books coming out soon?
  •  What does the future hold for you?


Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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