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Karen MillerInternationally bestselling author Karen Miller is currently writing her 22nd novel in the speculative fiction and epic historical fantasy genres. She’s written Star Wars and Stargate novels and, under the pen-name K E Mills, Karen writes the Rogue Agent series about a wizard with special skills who works for his government under unusual circumstances.

One of Karen’s books has been a finalist in the Aurealis Awards and two more of Karen’s novels have been honored by the James Tiptree Jnr Award.

Karen lives in Sydney, travels as often as she can and, when she’s not glued to the computer writing or researching history, she can be found having fun at her local theatre, swimming laps at the pool, walking the dogs, reading or watching great films and tv dramas, or lazily socialising with friends.

Karen Miller talked to Nalini Haynes of Dark Matter Zine. This interview is only available as an audio podcast (MP3).

Karen can be found on her website and on Hachette’s website.

Interview questions

We’ll start with the big questions: you’ve written a few series: the Accidental Sorcery series, Kingmaker, Kingbreaker and now you’ve launched your next series with the Falcon Throne.

What would you like to tell us about your different series?

What do you feel is distinctive about your voice, the unifying feature that keeps your fans coming back for more across series?

What is different about each of these series?

Bryek asks: Why did you choose to go by K E Mills for your Accidental Sorcery series?

kazuri85  would like to know if you have any more plans to do books for the King Maker King Breaker universe and adds that Morg is awesome.

How is it different writing in someone else’s sandbox, like writing for Stargate and Star Wars, compared with writing in a universe you created?

What was your favourite part of writing for Stargate and Star Wars?

You’ve written and directed a number of theatre productions. What are the similarities and differences between novels and theatre?

You graduated from the Sydney University of Technology, graduating with a BA in communications. How has that helped your writing career?

What inspired your podcasts on writing?

What do you hope to achieve with these podcasts?

What advice would you give to aspiring or emerging writers?

Ross Joseph wants to know‪: if given the keys to reboot or retell any fantasy franchise, what would you reboot and why?

[After the interview, Karen emailed me this: As for this news, I swear I did not know!!!! — Karen]

C J Dee asks: Gandalf vs Dumbledore! Who wins?

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.



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