AUTHOR Joanna Russ RIP

NAME:  Joanna Russ
MEDIUM:  author
LOCATION:  deceased
CATEGORY:   professional

 Joanna Russ

Lenny Bailes writes:

“You definitely want Joanna Russ’s novella (either “The Second Inquisition” or “Nobody’s Home”). I’m partial to “Nobody’s Home.” It was first published in Silverberg’s New Dimensions. Joanna Russ is well known in science fiction fan circles as a cutting edge novelist, author of short fiction and literary criticism. She’s a professional writer. If you’re interested in fan essay writers, you should check out he work of Jeanne Gomoll, mostly published in fanzines.”

Thanks Lenny.  Although Joanna has passed away, I’m still including her because of the quality of her writing.  This is about raising awareness of women’s work – just remember that you can usually only nominate women’s work that was published in the year that the award is looking at.