Jo Spurrier

Jo SpurrierJo Spurrier has a Bachelor of Science but says she turned to writing because people tend to get upset when scientists make things up. She was nominated for an Aurealis Award for her debut novel, Winter be my shield. This is especially surprising because she lives in Adelaide, a city that, arguably, does not experience winter and where it never snows.

Jo’s second novel, Black Sun Light My Way is out now.

This is an interesting interview with an intelligent, thoughtful author whose world-building stands out in this era of lingering European Medieval patriarchal fantasy.


Black Sun Light My Way

Praise for Winter Be My Shield: Children of the Black Sun, Book 1

“Unlikely heroes, villians you will cheer for, and cold that eats your bones. Winter Be My Shield will take you to an unforgiving place, but you won’t want to leave it” Robin Hobb

“the drama and intensity keep ratcheting up” Courier Mail

Shortlisted for Best Fantasy Novel in the 2012 Aurealis Awards