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Jennifer FallonNalini Haynes interviews fantasy author Jennifer Fallon in the above podcast (MP3) and below video (MP4).

Jennifer Fallon left school at 15 and has has worked as a youth worker, a store detective, shop assistant, an advertising sales rep and executive secretary, among other things. She has managed 2 hire car companies, an ISP, a video shop, been a state manager for an international cosmetics company and worked as a project manager for Territory Health Services.

In 1995, Jennifer’s husband told her to “quit writing and be a better housewife, because you’re never going to get published”; she decided to either get published by the year 2000 or give up writing and get a real job. Becoming a better housewife did not factor into her plans.

She has a Masters Degree from the Creative Arts faculty of Queensland University of Technology. She is a business consultant, corporate trainer and application specialist who works in the IT industry. She spends at least a month each year working at Scott Base in Antarctica.

Jennifer can be found online on

The Lyre Thief can be purchased from Booktopia in Australia and all good bookstores.

Planned questions

You’ve written a huge number of stories, many set in the same world. What would you like to share about this history and your current novel, the Lyre Thief?

In the Lyre Thief, you’re dealing with consequences, ripples from previous trilogies.
Your Demon Child trilogy was written first but the Hythrun Chronicles is chronologically first; how did this complicate your writing process?

Every second set of books you write seem to be set in the Lyre Thief world: the Demon Child, the Hythrun Chronicles and now the War of the Gods, of which the Lyre Thief is book 1. Do you think this pattern will continue?

What is it like to diverge in to a new world with the Second Sons, Tide Lords and Rift Runners then return to your first world? Is it like returning to a first love?

You wrote a novel and short story for Stargate SG1; what was that like? Would you like to tell us a little about the story?

What was it like to play in someone else’s sandbox?

What challenges and benefits arose from working within someone else’s universe?

Did you learn anything about storytelling and collaborating?

What are your favourite stories and storytellers (in any medium)?

Apparently little Romanians send some authors inspiration but not you; did you offend the little people?

In 2013 you came out for adding more characters to the Hobbit screen production. Now Peter Jackson’s trilogy has been released in full, how do you feel about his changes to the original story?

Who would win, Sauraman from Lord of the Rings or the Gou’ould from Stargate?

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.



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