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Would you like Fry(s) with that? J M Frey

J M Frey showing she has CHARACTER, photo by Jim Tinios
J M Frey showing she has CHARACTER, photo by Jim Tinios

Today’s podcast guest is J M Frey, aka Jess. She is a Canadian science fiction and fantasy author as well as an actor and voice actor. With her MA in Communications and Culture she’s also a pop culture scholar. She calls herself a “professional geek” and even has an IMDB page (although theatre work isn’t included).

Frey has appeared at Toronto-area science fiction conventions and is involved with charity and community fan groups and initiatives. She regularly appears on radio shows, television talk shows, and podcasts discussing fandom and genre works.

J M Frey is also a teensy bit emotional about FanFic:

Someone recycled the trashy “hot take” that #fanfic makes you a bad writer. I keep myself out of drama, but as I wrote my MASTER’S PAPER on why fanfic is important (LITERALLY titled “Who is Mary Sue and Why Do We Need Her?”) I can’t let this one slide:



During this podcast, J M Frey discusses FanFic (including fangirling about Naomi Novik who appeared in a DMZ podcast last year), her favourite authors and stories and talks a little about the twists and turns that her life has taken as an actor and author.

And she weighs in on the Supergirl vs Sailor Moon debate.


J M Frey cites several authors’ work that has influenced her including Naomi Novik, Margaret Atwood and more.

You can find Jess

On her website and on twitter.

My apologies

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you will know that I’m passionate about representation of minorities in stories. It wasn’t until yesterday when I drafted a review of Hero Is A Four Letter Word that I realized I FORGOT to talk minority representation with Jess Frey who identifies as queer. I canNOT believe I forgot! Anyhoo, I’ve asked Jess to come back as a guest on DMZ’s podcast again to discuss representation. She has accepted the invitation although we have no fixed plan at this stage. I’m thinking maybe another Queer Representation Panel because the past year has included some awesome solo interviews with guests who would make a kick-ass panel. Watch this space.

Thank you

If you’ve actually read this far – or even just scrolled down this far – you’re amazing. I love you. Thank you for joining us for this podcast. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and please join as again soon!

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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