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Items received from 17 to 23 November 2014

Hi again. Here is a photo of items received from 17 to 23 November 2014. Yes, I actually received a delivery to my door on Sunday. Apparently Bobby Dollar was sleeping late on Sunday as well as Judgement Day.

Items received from 17 to 23 November 2014

I’ve already reviewed Hansel & Gretel and Mitosis and I’ve started reviewing Doctor Who season 8. I’m half-way through Waistcoats & Weaponry, which just leaves Sleeping Late on Judgment Day for me to nom during the wet weather this week. Summer rain, I just loves it. It’s a great excuse for holing up with a good book. I mean, who wouldn’t want to laze around with a book when it’s raining and thundering outside?

And if you think it’s still spring, just remember, I’m sitting around in light-weight trousers and a tee shirt (featuring Racoon Galaxy no less), bare feet and no jacket. This is the part of summer I love, before we need the air conditioner on.

Smokey doesn’t like the rain and she really really doesn’t like the thunder, though. Instead of retreating to her nest (that’s a bit too close to the back door), she’s hiding in the linen cupboard. We bought the nest so she wouldn’t hide in the linen cupboard.  Cats.

Speaking of cats, I still need to read Tad Williams’s Tailchaser’s Song. Last time I tried to give them money for a book, they wouldn’t take my money. Go figure. It may have been re-released though.

I’ve previously reviewed Dirty Streets of Heavenbook 1, and Happy Hour in Hellbook 2 of the Bobby Dollar trilogy by Tad Williams. Oh, yeah, and I interviewed Tad a while ago; it’s my longest interview ever but Tad was fascinating, talking about everything from Literature to Tolkien.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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