Smokey discovers BatCat: items received

Smokey discovers BatCat: items received

After months of trying to feature items received by working with Recalcitrant Kitty, Karin McLean rehomed BatCat with us, providing him with the opportunity to achieve internet notoriety. Up until today Smokey managed to pretend BatCat didn’t exist in that unique way cats have when their dignity is under threat, but Smokey couldn’t QUITE help herself while I was photographing BatCat with the books.

It’s anybody’s guess what happens between the two cats now. I’m not taking any chances though: tonight, BatCat comes with me to see Star Trek Into Darkness.

 items received: Cloud RoadCloud Road by Isobelle Carmody

Cloud Road by Isobelle Carmody is a gorgeous little HARDCOVER science fiction novel for younger readers. I’ve already reviewed it here. It’s part two of the Kingdom of the Lost, which is shaping up to be a feature on any bookshelf but especially the younger reader’s shelf. Train them up in the way that they should go that they will not depart from it!

Items received: Subterranean stratagemThe Subterranean Stratagem by Michael Pryor

The Subterranean Stratagem is book two of the Extraordinaires by Michael Pryor; I’ve already reviewed book one here. I’m very excited by this series that features good gender balance and an intelligent albino protagonist in an exciting steampunk world.