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iTARDIS: Apple suing Doctor Who


iTARDIS: Apple suing Doctor Who

Nearly as entertaining as the urban legend that Samsung paid Apple in nickels, this spoof article asks

Why Is Apple Suing Doctor Who?

According to the spoof article, Apple is suing the BBC because

The TARDIS is a rectangular box which facilitates access to fixed points in time. Therefore it infringes upon the registered Time Machine trademark as a device of functional equivalence

Sharpened Sticks also posits that an out-of-court settlement could result in the Apple logo on the TARDIS and even the sonic screwdriver.

Read the entire article. It’s good for a giggle.

It’s blogs like this one that raise awareness of Apple’s litigious reputation.


Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


  1. At first I thought this was a horrible idea but now, I can think of all sorts of new plots:
    The companion attempts to contact the Doctor on her iPhoneX but fails because she is holding it wrong.
    The Doctor attempts to rescue the crew of a stricken spacecraft but can’t because their computer system is incompatible
    The iTardis upgrades itself and the iScredriver doesn’t work any more because it is incompatible.

  2. Excuse me BITCHES!!!!!
    Doctor who has been around 50 YEARS!!!!!
    Mac book less than 20.
    So In fact BBC should be suing you!!!!

    *Angry face* *SMASHING (Apple) SHIT*
    New person:

    I am a huge fan of Doctor Who/BBC and I am so angry that I want to destroy all apple products! But then the angry mob would get me (making the world mourn)(LOL Jks)…….DON’T GIVE IN TO THE EVIL BITCHES BBC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU! (Also if you could arrange a meeting with David Tennant that would be greatly appreciated, or arrange a Doctor Who and Merlin crossover WITH David Tennant in it, we would forever love you {Not that we don’t already}. Your forever loyal fans [Unless you give into Shitface *Cough* I mean Apple)


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