iSheep sleepover awaits iPhone 6 release


On his way to work at Chadstone Shopping Centre yesterday, the minion was bemused to see people assembled near the iShrine to await release of the iPhone 6. They were well prepared, with sleeping bags, deck chairs, the lot. They looked like professional iSheep campers.

By the time the minion left work, the line had grown substantially. Apparently Channel 9 news were in attendance, ready for live coverage of this most news-worthy event.

iSheep await iPhone 6

Because it’s not like we’re at war or Scotland is deciding its future or Gaza or Ukraine are experiencing life-threatening turmoil; it’s a slow news day where we can ponder the joy of gadgets made in third-world countries by people being poisoned by the by-products of Western countries’ exported employment opportunities.

Oh, fuck it, George Orwell would have us call it what it is: slave labour.

And yes, I have an iPhone. It’s an iPhone 3, given to me by the awesome duo of Ticonderoga Publications. Its large text capabilities allow me to send and read SMS messages and to use the phone directory.

Photos courtesy of the minion; text by Nalini Haynes.