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Iron Sky

Iron Sky: Director’s Cut with his full vision is launched in Berlinale 2013

The Berlinale spectacle of last year – the science fiction comedy about Moon Nazis, Iron Sky – is back! The brand new Director’s extended cut incorporating his full vision will be screened for the first time in Berlinale for hundreds of fans and supporters on Sunday. Stealth Media Group and the producers are discussing with Iron Sky distributors about an innovative day and date release to take place later 2013.

The Iron Sky: Director’s Cut edit features an additional 20 minutes of never before seen footage of the film, loaded with material left out from the original theatrical version, more music by Slovenian musicians, Laibach – and, of course, more epic space battles and special effects…

“We finished Iron Sky just 48 hours before the premiere of the film in Berlin of 2012”, director Timo Vuorensola says, “and to reach the deadline, we were forced to drop good stuff that was not completely finished at that point. With the Director’s Cut, I was able to bring in many of the scenes I really enjoyed and now are prepared in full quality. The film is now almost 20 minutes longer, and much more epic in pacing, and finally in the form I originally wanted it to be.”

The Iron Sky team has been busy since the release of the film and the Iron Sky‘s VFX team has set up a new CG company, Troll VFX, focusing on visual effects for international films. Troll VFX operates in Finland.

Blind Spot Pictures, Iron Sky‘s main production company, is screening another film at Berlinale, too. Crime drama 8-Ball, by Aku Louhimies (Frozen Land and Naked Harbour), is having its market premiere in Berlin. The film is a story of Pike who gets released from a prison with an 8 month old baby, and tries to find her way back to society. Her ex-boyfriend, still leading a criminal lifestyle, comes back from abroad – and all hell breaks loose.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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