Invisible: an anthology edited by Jim C Hines

Invisible coverToday Jim C Hines announced Invisible, an anthology of personal essays on representation in science fiction and fantasy.

Jim C Hines explains his motivation for Invisible:

“The frustrating thing about blogging is that, for the most part, any given blog post has a very short lifespan. They get their moment in the spotlight, and then wander backstage to the archives. I wanted to find a way to keep these essays alive for anyone who wanted to read and share them. Which is why I spent the weekend sending contracts out to my guest bloggers and a couple of additional individuals for Invisible, an electronic anthology that will collect these essays in a more permanent form. I’m still working out the details, but each contributor will receive a token payment for their essay, with the rest of the profits going to Con or Bust. The essays will remain online for free, but the anthology will be $2.99, which seemed reasonable for a collection of this length. Here’s the cover I’ve been working on. Feedback is very much welcome. The contributor names are pixellated out because I haven’t received all of the contracts back yet.”

[cough] He has mine. [cough]
Personal essays on representation in science fiction and fantasy are:

There were several other posts Jim wanted to mention in this roundup.