Nerd Girls discuss tee slogan: In case of emergency, tear off my shirt

CJ Dee, Rebecca Fleming and I have had many conversations on Facebook and Twitter that need to be shared with other fangirls. Today we decided to start posting them on Dark Matter Zine. Because, well, because Nerd Girl Conversations.

CJ is at Supanova, admiring pretty dresses and tee shirt slogans.

CJ: There’s a guy here whose shirt has a Superman logo and says ‘In case of emergency, tear off my shirt’. Are there any particular guidelines that define an emergency? Like … does ‘I REALLY want to see what’s under his shirt’ count?

R: What if there’s something dangerous under there and you don’t find it because you didn’t rip off his shirt? Could you live with yourself if that happened?

CJ: I think his abs might be able to grate cheese. That would count as a weapon. Surely if I don’t check, it would put the entire convention at risk.

R: It could be a matter of national security.