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Impact Comics and a girl called ‘Jason’

by Nalini Haynes

Yesterday I pilgrimaged to a geek shrine in Canberra: Impact Comics. The minion had been summoned via a text informing him that my Christmas present had FINALLY arrived: Jessica Jones Alias volumes 1–4 was in store! I came with the minion to check out the store, supervise the purchase then RUN HOME WITH TEH GOODIES!

Foiled. Dammit, foiled!

There were too many goodies in the store. I walked out with the first hardcover volume of Fables and a ‘must-have’ list: iZombie’s hardcover omnibus; work from the guy who wrote Heroes season ONE; Black Sad, Impact Comics book club’s next book and many more.

I also NEED to go to Impact Comics’ book club. Apparently their group includes women, an anthropologist (also a woman) and nerds with lots of diverse viewpoints. Great discussion. In Reload, a gaming bar. What’s not to love?

I can justify the comics, the time to read and attend the book club because PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. I, as Dark Matter Zine’s managing editor and writer of the most content, need professional development in geeky things, including input from intelligent geeks. I can’t get enough. And I will stand by this statement. Especially if the Minion questions my comic-book expenditure. Bahaha.

Impact Comics staff member and Best Salesperson Ever is Jason (probably misspelt), a woman who’s been working there since 2010 and reads all the things. Or would you believe she reads LOTS of the things?

Jason has a Pile of Shame. These are books in her To Be Read pile, sometimes in the Too Hard Just Now category for various reasons.

I now have two piles: my TBR (To Be Read) pile and my Pile of Shame (PoS). Or maybe three piles; the third pile is the TBD (To Be Ditched) pile. Of course no one’s books are in this pile. At least, no one you know. [evil maniacal laughter]

You can find Impact Comics on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

2016-01-15 Impact Comics purchases

When I took the above photo, I left Alias open at my page. I’ll share my thoughts on the books later.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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