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I’m interrupting this service to make an announcement…


Regular readers may have noticed that posts have become less frequent and interviews even more so this year. Over the past few years I’ve increasingly struggled with health issues while continuing to work.

This year I am privileged to have started studying at the University of Canberra as a Masters candidate. My supervisor, the epic Professor Deborah Lupton, and the course convenor, Dr Kerry McCallum, have both voiced their support for me to convert to a PhD so that poofy hat is finally in my sights after 12 years of wanting.

However, my health has made working more of a struggle.

Thanks to the excellent medical attention I’ve had from specialists and Calvary Hospital in Canberra, I finally have a diagnosis: I have a lump in my pelvic region that is 10cm x 7cm x 3cm. We still don’t know what it is but that diagnosis will come with time. I’m booked in for surgery on 24 July 2017. Best case scenario, this is just some fluid that needs to be drained and I’ll be right as rain in a couple of months.

No matter what happens, my partner has agreed to maintain Dark Matter Zine as a historical work, as my legacy, for as long as is possible with technological changes. This means that if I’ve raved about your book or interviewed you, it’s going to stay online.

It also means if I hated your book that, too, will stay online. [evil laughter]

I’ll do my best to continue but, with limited bandwidth, I’m not making any guarantees.

That being said, read Zana Fraillon’s new book The Ones That Disappeared. I expect her to win the Norma K Hemming Award, an Aurealis Award and a Ditmar for that book or, worst case scenario, I will haunt the judges and voters. You’ve been warned.

The Ones That Disappeared

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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