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$40 US buys Hugo Voter Packet with complete Wheel of Time

Hugo Voter Packet announcement

Tor announced that the entire Wheel of Time fantasy series will be available in eBook format as part of the Hugo Voter Packet.

The Hugo Voter Packet consists of electronic copies of or links to most of the works – fiction books, short stories, fanzines, artwork – shortlisted for the Hugo Awards.

The Hugo Awards are world-wide (English-speaking?) science fiction and fantasy awards decided by popular vote. The Awards and the award ceremony are part of WorldCon, the world science fiction convention, to be held this year in London so this year it’s called LonCon3. Usually WorldCon is held in the US.

Supporting membership costs $40 US or 25 pounds UK. Supporting membership gives voting rights. Along with voting rights comes the Hugo Voter Packet so people who want to vote but can’t attend WorldCon can read all the things to make informed decisions.

Absolute kudos to Tor for being on the ball with this announcement and with provision of electronic copies.

People should note that, while Tor is totally ahead of the game, not all works shortlisted will be included in the packet. Some works that have been shortlisted that will be available will only be available in limited formats. Most formats have free downloadable readers you can put on your PC or mobile device.

The Hugo Voter Packet is AWESOME value for money.

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