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How to become a voice actor

Kristi Reed (voice director) and Mela Lee (voice actor from Vampire Knight, Betty Boop, The Owl House and more) started off Sunday for us with a panel called ‘How to become a voice actor’.  Although the minion and I don’t plan to be voice actors, this panel was still interesting and informative.  Kristi and Mela answered questions, most of which were about how to get into the industry.  This panel is available in both MP4 (video) below and MP3 (audio only) above.
Mela Lee

Kristi ran a short advert for a DVD on how to become a voice actor (volume 1).   When asked are there more volumes to be released, Kristi explained that’s all they’ve made at the moment.  There is even a promo code to get $10 off for this DVD; Kristi was happy for me to run the full video without editing out the code.

Apparently it took Mela 10 years of voice acting to get to the point where she doesn’t need a day job any more, and this is normal.  Kristi and Mela were down-to-earth and encouraging in their advice to aspiring actors.

Note: I thought I’d taken more stills of Kristi and Mela, but due to video I only had one each.  The above photo of Kristi is from Saturday’s animation panel but this is a better photo than the one in the panel.  I need more hands.

Find them

You can follow Mela Lee on Twitter, and find all her links here. And Kristi Reed is on the Twitters too.

Kristi Reed features in other DMZ coverage including this video and podcast on voice acting and directing.

Nalini is an award-winning writer and artist as well as managing editor of Dark Matter Zine.


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