How do I read?

Lately I’ve been asked a number of times how I read: I’m vision impaired and my ability to read has diminished significantly over the years. While most people start getting reading glasses in their 40s if they haven’t already, I have always had eyesight so bad it’s been classified as a disability.

So. How do I read?

This is how.

How I read - desktop magnifier

This little beauty is called a ‘desktop magnifier’ and magnifies text beyond belief. I only need text about as large as is on the screen to read it comfortably. (That’s a 22 inch monitor.) This love of my life set us back $4552 Australian; we’re still paying it off the credit card.

So, next time someone says, ‘You should get a better camcorder/audio recorder/computer/whatever’ you will understand where our money has gone and why we can’t afford to upgrade our equipment to give your event better coverage. Smile

PS Donations to Dark Matter ARE NEVER AND NEVER HAVE BEEN spent on disability access. All donations have gone into things like the camcorder and editing software (along with lots of our own $) to bring you a new, improved Dark Matter.