“Housemates are exhausting” says Smokey the cat

Housemates are exhausting — cat

Smokey (pictured above) acquired 3 new housemates last weekend. The two humans aren’t so bad because they brush her repeatedly throughout the day.

But their feline companion has taken over Smokey’s bedroom (an actual room with a human bed) and Smokey is not impressed. Furthermore, this feline intruder is less than friendly, hissing and yowling at Smokey. It’s been exhausting.

Luckily both cats are wusses; it’s been all “talk” and no action from either of them! Fingers crossed.

You might notice Smokey’s FANG. Last year Smokey’s other fang was extracted because of decay. At 11 years of age, she’s an elderly cat and doing really well — apart from her teeth.