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Play it again: home coder Matthew Hall

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Home coder Matthew Hall recalls coding his first games…
home coder on Play it again: Matthew Hall was a home coder, and this is an example of his coding

Finishing up their month focusing on home coders, this week Matthew Hall of KlickTock reflects on his early days writing games in rural Victoria and the wonderfully cheap games he would buy on shopping days in Horsham. There’s also a link to download his package of games from the 80s.

Matthew Hall started and still runs Klicktock!

The screenshot is from “Nonsense Manor”, one of the text adventures from Matthew’s pack of 1980s Commodore 64 games rescued from decaying cassette tapes.

A bundle of classic games are available “Featuring Impossible text adventures. Graphics that will turn your stomach. And SUECK ‘masterpieces’ by a 9 year old Kid. Load if you dare.”

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