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Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, Sir Terry Pratchett is a renown author whose book sales amount for about 1% of all books sold in the UK (10% of all books sold in the UK are fantasy, and 10% of all fantasy books sold are Pratchett’s).  Sir Terry’s Discworld series is his best-known work: a continually growing series currently consisting of over 30 books based on a world that is round and flat, supported by four elephants on the back of a turtle swimming through space.  This world is quite large, with four continents and characters representing many cultures.  Probably the most frequently used setting in Discworld is Ank-Morpork, a London-esque city whose residents felt the repercussions of the disappearance of the Hogfather on Hogswatch Eve.

The Hogfather is a delightful re-imagining of Father Christmas more in keeping with legends of old than our sanitised version colour-coordinated with the Coca-cola label.  After the Hogfather disappears, Death impersonates the Hogfather (pictured below) to keep the magic of Hogswatch alive whilst Susan, Death’s granddaughter, and friends race to rescue the Hogfather.

Not only is Hogfather a successful novel


but it’s also a beautiful Christmas movie.
Lindsay C. Walker and family have been making me GREEN with envy – a violent, FLORESCENT green – creating the above professional-looking decorations.  Apparently her family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Hogswatch.

If you, a family member or friend, have created original decorations to celebrate the season, feel free to share links in the comments below.

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The things you learn as you get to know people.  I met Lindsay on social media, before the recording of Notions Unlimited Bookshop’s advert on YouTube (below).  We are both here – I’m lurking in the background.

You may know Lindsay’s art under the name of Mick Collins, who worked on Moonstone’s The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks and Phantom: Generations series, among other Moonstone projects.  Lindsay’s website is here.

So someone I casually met on social media happens to have worked on one of my favourite comic book characters when I was a kid.  I remember when I was about 8 years old Mum hid my step-father’s Phantom comics from me because I’d found an issue about the Phantom having a son that I had to read RIGHT NOW, but I also had severe eyestrain and blurry vision so I was banned from reading.  That’s my Mum, banning me from reading instead of, I don’t know, BUYING ME GLASSES.  I particularly remember this incident because I never found that issue of the Phantom to read.  I WAS DEPRIVED! THIS is the reason I’ve hardly read comics!!!  LoL

Check out Lindsay’s work.

Go. Go now.  Before I destroy you ALL!*

*Doctor Who quote, but can you tell me which story?

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